Preliminary post - Building an app that displays data from different financial markets using Jquery and a Public API

It's been a while since I made a tutorial on any of my projects, so I decided to use the remainder of this lockdown period to work on a project that has appealed to me for a really long time and also to document the development process here on Hive as a tutorial series.

I am going to be sharing a step by step process on how to build a financial data app that can help people get realtime and historical information on different financial markets such as the stock and crypto markets, and the likes. The app will not be limited to that though but as time goes on we will be learning more about the additional features to be included.

The development tutorial will be split into a series of posts and each post will treat a seperate module/component of the application.

The data that will be displayed for users in the tutorial will be supplied by a free public API from the financial data website known as Financial Modelling Prep.

Mostly, since there is a high possibility that we won't be requiring any user input the project structure might just be limited to HTML/CSS and front-end JavaScript only, let's keep our fingers crossed on that.

Mainly, I would be using Bootstrap and Jquery for layouts and logic respectively, plus Axios for handling HTTP requests, we might have to include other packages as time goes on.

Let's dive in.

This being the first part of the series, we'd need to properly familiarize ourselves with the overview of the project.

The data we can look forward to getting from our propsed app includes

  • Company valuation data from top publicly traded companies
  • Stock prices information (realtime and historical)
  • Market indexes data (realtime and historical)
  • Commodities market data (realtime and historical)
  • Exchange traded funds data (realtime and historical)
  • Mutual funds data (realtime and historical)
  • EuroNext data (realtime and historical)
  • TSX data (realtime and historical)
  • Stock market data (historical)
  • Cryptocurrencies prices (realtime and historical)
  • Forex prices (realtime and historical)

That is all I have in stock for this series, you can follow my blog @gotgame if you find the idea to be interesting. In my next post which will be posted shortly I will be sharing the tutorial on the developement first module of the app. Till then, cheers.