Are you supposed to take advice from your developer when choosing a web host for your site

The job of a web developer is to code whatever UI design they are given and also to ensure that the specified logic of the web app they are working on is implemented correctly without errors.

A web developer is different from a web designer. One can say that the distinction between web developers and web designers can be likened to the difference between an architect and a mason/laborer.

Web developers, can go on to fill other technical roles in an organization as time goes on such as web designers, system analysts, product managers and so on.

Basically, most technical personnels in a company began their careers as developers(not all but a large number does).

Are developers suitable to provide help with hosting on your site?

Realizing that the role of a web developer (most especially freelancers) requires multidisciplinary information and experience, and covers different procedures (improvement, plan, usage, institutionalization, security, database advancement and streamlining, and support) on the off chance that you need to make your own site, you ought to take advices from your developer with regards to numerous things, including web hosting.

Terrible hosting can influence your sites' success really badly.

Bad hosting will definitely lead to frequent downtime on your site, you honestly don't want that.

Inferior hosting will lead to bad security, so as a site owner you should think ahead to forestall this.

All of the above are reasons why site proprietors ought to make inquiries regarding the quality of their hosting.

A good host should be able to guarantee security of your sites' data.

A typical mistake people make in search a good host for their site is to go for the ones offered by Google without asking questions.

Truth is, only your developer or development team will be able to truly tell you which host s good for the type of site you are looking to deploy.

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