Do you suffer from an epileptic productivity as a developer? These three tools can help you with common tasks

One can easily get consumed by the workload that comes with being a developer.

The weight of some common tasks in development might be a time and money consuming affair especially for the inexperienced developer who is just starting out.

At some point in my work life, if I needed to build a slider, I would build it from scratch with a combination JavaScript, CSS and HTML(very stressful process when I first tried it out). It wasn't until I started learning about and using different tools and hacks that I was able to start accomplishing tasks with much more ease and speed.

When it comes to tools that can help work faster and better as a developer, there are lots of them to the extent that discovering at least one that will fulfill your most earnest needs can be an issue in itself.

That is why I have decide to share this list of three tools that I personally use to ensure a fast delivery of quality work to my clients

1. UXPin

UXPin is one of the best prototyping tools there is.

It is utilized for making layout models that can simulate the client's desired features for their product which would in turn be coded.

Notable UxPin features include

  • Vector drawing modules that help designers to draw and join vector shapes, create icons and concepts.

  • You can import HTML pages that will be converted to a prototype.

  • Reusable design components that are readily available for use.

2. LayerSlider

This is a really wonderful and extensive tool to use, it comes with loads of wonderful features beyond what the name implies.

LayerSlider can be utilized to make sliders as you would expect, yet it additionally has additional features such as

  • Page building components that can help you build a full website

  • Frequently updated slider templates that you can use to build different sliders

  • Easy to use visual editor among others

3. Rank Math

Ypu can keep going around in circles in a bid to gain a top position in search results, or you could just use Rank Math.

Rank Math is a fully advanced SEO tool that provides anyone of the following features and more

  • 404 Monitoring and sitemaps

  • SEO audit tools that will help pinpoint your site weakpoints

  • Error page checks to ensure that your site has a suitable 404 page to redirect to should it be needed.

The three tools that I have recommended will help you accomplish miracles in your workflow, you'll be able to work better, faster and get extraordinary results with the sites you build.

Which tools do you use to increase the quality of your work? Please share in the comments

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