Google sent over 40,000 warning messages to its users over the past year in a bid to fend off hackers

A group of Google analysts, whose main focus is to counter hackers backed by governments against the company, sent Google users nearly 40,000 precautionary messages in 2019, with government officials, writers, protesters, and geopolitical adversaries being the most focused on.

The quantity of these mesages declined by nearly 25 percent from 2018, partially as a result of new security measures intended to control cyberattacks on Google properties.

Assailants have reacted by decreasing the recurrence of their hack endeavors and being increasingly intentional and precise. The analysts indicated that phishing attacks that posed as news stories have been on the rise.

In a large number of these cases, assailants looked to spread disinformation by endeavoring to seed bogus stories with different columnists.

Different occasions, aggressors sent a few kindhearted messages in order to build an affinity with a columnist or any other target.

The aggressors, who most every now and again originated from Iran and North Korea, would later follow with an email that that would initiate the hack.

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